Beginning January 3, 2022, bagged solid waste will only be collected in Town-issued carts. These carts come in two different sizes, 65 and 95 gallons.


There is a maximum of two (2) carts for any property and a maximum of four (4) carts for any commercial property. Only bagged solid waste generated at that property is to be placed in the cart. Cart lids will be color-coded as follows:

  • 65 & 95 gallon residential–Yellow
  • 64 gallon disabled/special service–Red
  • 96 gallon commercial–Blue

Customers are encouraged to choose the 95-gallon cart for their solid waste collection. The maximum solid waste weight limit is 100 pounds for the 95-gallon cart.

One (1) additional cart may be issued for an additional monthly fee at a rate set by Town Council as well as a $25 delivery fee. Carts are property of the town, furnished as part of the monthly solid waste fee and should remain at the address when the customer moves.

In 2021, the Rocky Mount Town Council determined that the best way to improve service to customers and to reduce workers compensation claims due to solid waste collection is to attempt to minimize or eliminate the need for the workers to lift and throw bags and small cans.

In late 2021, the Town purchased a new automated solid waste truck. This new truck, which will become the primary collection vehicle, will only have a driver who also works the remote arm to pick up the solid waste carts. This mechanism will work with the town-issued solid waste carts but not bags or regular garbage cans. The hopper is about 4 to 6 feet above the driver’s head, which makes throwing the bag or cans extremely difficult and dangerous. A 12-foot vertical clearance is necessary for the truck’s lifting arm to elevate the cart. Please place all carts away from overhead obstructions.

Solid waste collection services include the Town’s curbside solid waste collection service. The fee for these services is billed monthly per cart up to two (2) for residential and four (4) for commercial properties at a monthly rate set by Town Council. NOTE: Canceling this service is not available.

Residents are allowed one cart size change in the first 90 days after issue. There will be a fee for any cart changes after that at a rate set by Council. One additional cart may be issued for an additional monthly fee at a rate set by Town Council as well as a delivery fee. Carts are property of the town, furnished as part of the monthly solid waste fee and should remain at the address when the customer moves. The completion of an “Additional Cart or Cart Exchange” application is required.


Limited pickup for town residents at their home (not at the curb) is available if they are disabled and do not live with anyone physically able to bring the town-issued solid waste cart to the curb. The 65-gallon solid waste cart is the only cart allowed for this service. Residents should call Town Hall at (540) 483-0907 to obtain an “Disabled/Special Service Application for Solid Waste Pick-Up” for this service. Note that this service application requires the resident’s physician’s signature.


All solid waste carts shall be placed in designated collection locations by 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection day noted below. Solid waste carts should be removed from the collection location by 10:00 p.m. the day of collection.

No parking is allowed on the street from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. on the resident’s solid waste collection day. Solid waste is collected once per week using the following schedule:

• TUESDAY – Solid waste is collected for areas east of Main Street and north of the railroad tracks on North Main Street.
• WEDNESDAY – Solid waste is collected for areas west of Main Street.
• THURSDAY – Solid waste is collected for the areas of Franklin Heights, center of town around the high school and Donald Street as well as 40 East and all walk up/special services pickups.


In the event a state holiday falls on a scheduled collection day, the collection days shall be moved to the first regular business day after the holiday. For example, if Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday, the Tuesday route will be moved to Wednesday, Wednesday’s routes will be moved to Thursday, and Thursday’s routes will be moved to Friday.

If holiday falls on a scheduled bulk/large-item pickup day, the bulk pickup will be rescheduled to the second Monday of the month.

Only bagged solid waste placed in the approved solid waste cart will be collected unless a waiver has been granted as noted above. If the excess solid waste is an occasional occurrence, the extra solid waste should be saved for the next week’s collection. If the resident currently has the 65-gallon cart, they may want to consider moving up to the 95-gallon cart.

Solid waste placed out for collection after the solid waste truck has passed will need to be removed from the roadside the same day and placed in the cart out for collection the following week.

If the collection crew detects hazardous or improperly bagged materials, the crew will place a tag on the cart indicating the problem and the cart will not be emptied. If the problem is corrected, the solid waste will be collected the following week.

All solid waste carts shall be accessible to collection crews. Carts shall be placed on a relatively level area in front of the premises adjacent to but not on the roadway; no farther than eight (8) feet from the edge of the road pavement. Carts shall be positioned with the lid opening facing the road and the handles/hinge facing the property. If two carts are used, the carts shall be placed at least two (2) feet apart. Carts shall not be placed behind vehicles, mailboxes, in the roadway and clear from overhead obstructions.


The Town will pick up large items and brush on the FIRST MONDAY of every month (SECOND Monday if the first Monday is a holiday). Residents can place the materials at the curb no earlier than the Saturday before the collection day. Bulk pickup is only available for residential households and is not a service available to commercial properties. See the "Bulk/Large Items" page for a listing of allowable bulk/large items.


The Town will determine which streets on the outskirts of town are eligible for pickup. A major factor is the street or residence's proximity to current town routes.