Welcome to the Town of Rocky Mount's Solid Waste Collection website!

While you're here, you can request additional solid waste collection carts, make special arrangements if you're unable to get your cart to the curb each week, learn where to place your cart and more. Thanks for stopping by and for helping us maintain a clean, beautiful community!

Beginning January 3, 2022, the Town of Rocky Mount will use a new side-loader truck — affectionately called the One Arm Bandit — for solid waste collection.

  • All households will be provided with a Town-owned solid waste cart to hold bagged solid waste.
  • Only bagged solid waste placed in the new carts will be picked up by the Town.
  • Carts will be delivered in December. Residents who requested carts by November 1 will receive their selections. Residents who did not complete a request will receive the 95-gallon residential cart. Commercial carts come in the 95-gallon size only.

Key Dates

  • Late December

    Carts will be delivered to properties by December 31.

  • Week of January 3

    Solid waste collection using new truck and carts begins.

Where to Place Your Cart for Collection


Place your cart on a relatively level area in front of the premises, adjacent to but not on the roadway. Your cart should be no more than eight (8) feet from the edge of the road's pavement.


Position your cart with the lid opening facing the road and the handles/hinge facing the property.


If two carts are used, place carts at least three (3) feet apart from each other and clear of overhead obstructions. Do not place the cart behind vehicles or mailboxes or in the roadway.

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Driveway with no sidewalk: Place cart in the grassy area at the edge of the driveway away from mailboxes and other obstructions. Position so the front faces the street and the hinge is pointed toward the premises.

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Sidewalk with no grass median: Place the cart with the front facing the street and the wheels tight against the curb.

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Sidewalk with grass median: Place the cart with the front facing the street and the cart positioned in the grass close to the edge of the curb and at least four feet from other trees or obstructions.

General Solid Waste Items Allowed

Rocky Mount strives to provide a great curbside solid waste collection service at a price that makes it easy for our citizens and businesses to help us create a clean and beautiful community. So that we can collect your solid waste safely and effectively, while at the same time keeping costs low, there are a few rules you must follow:

When to Place Your Container at the Curb

  • Containers must be at the curb by 7 a.m. on the scheduled collection day.
  • Containers must be removed from the curb by 10 p.m. the day of collection.
  • Be aware of holidays that may affect garbage collection.
  • The Town may run two trucks on inclement weather days which will allow solid waste that day to be collected in the morning hours.

What to Place in Your Container

  • Trash must be placed inside a closed bag or can liner.
  • Bagged trash must be placed inside the Town cart provided.
  • The following items will not be accepted by the Town as part of your solid waste collection service: gasoline, oil, antifreeze, batteries, paint, acid, construction materials, tires, propane, dirt and sod, rocks, concrete, bricks, metal, tanks, or oil tanks.
  • Large amounts of brush, leaves and yard waste should be reserved for the monthly large item pick up dates only.
  • Used syringes are not allowed in your trash. The Town can supply residential customers with a “sharps” box that you can use to dispose of syringes. These are available free of charge for pickup at the Town Municipal Building at 345 Donald Avenue. Used boxes may also be dropped off at this address for disposal.

Unapproved Containers

  • Trash set out for collection in an unapproved container or containing inappropriate items will result in a surcharge of $10 per occurrence.

Trash Cleanup

  • The home or commercial occupant must clean up trash that blows out of trash cans or that is disturbed by animals. If the Town is required to clean up loose trash, the actual cost of cleanup will be assessed to your utility bill.

Additional Carts & Services

  • The Town will only dump two (2) cans per residential and four (4) cans for commercial per week. (Only one can per property will be issued. Additional carts can be requested at an additional monthly fee.)
  • Limited pickup at your home (not at the curb) is available if you are disabled and do not live with anyone physically able to bring the trash to the curb. All applicants must have the application signed by a physician.